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New born screening

Postnatal new-born screening

Stem Protect is able to arrange simple tests to check for conditions which manifest themselves in the first few months after birth.

Non-invasive and pain-free, this saliva-based test offers parental peace-of-mind through early identification of coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and others.

The samples can even be taken in your own home.

With just a couple of gently-taken swabs, Stem Protect can advise on the presence of
• Medication-induced deafness – swab tests can indicate if your child is predisposed to deafness precipitated by antibiotics, so such medication can be avoided
• Genetically-linked bitter taste response
• Coeliac disease, linked to Chromosome 6 in nearly all cases
• Lactose intolerance, a distressing condition that occurs in 1-in-50 babies

Did you know...

Banked stem cells, such as from a child's cord blood, can be used to help them in later life if they suffer from certain life-threatening illnesses such as leukaemia.

Did you know...

Most stem cells used in medicine come from donors. Safely storing your or your child's stem cells in a cell bank could avoid the need to use donor or embryonic cells at all.

We offer rapid results and an early insight into your child’s dietary and health requirements.
Contact Stem Protect today to allow us to put your mind at rest over your child’s current and future health.

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Newborn Screening
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