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Stem cell banking

Stem Protect offers the full spectrum of stem cell banking and diagnostic services to our clients. Speak to our experts and arrange a free no-obligation consultation today.

All our services and stem cell products are 100% reliable and trustworthy. Each one is carried out under expert guidance from fully qualified professionals working for the world’s most accredited stem cell storage company. Patient confidentiality is always maintained, as you’d expect for such an important process.

We can provide a range of stem cell products for newborns and older children. These are stem cell collections of umbilical cord blood and tissue or from baby teeth. Find out more about the main two stem cell banking services we provide:

Cord blood and tissue banking services

Stem cells found in the umbilical cord and the placenta at birth are directly linked to your baby’s future health. They can be used in the treatment of life-changing diseases and conditions such as leukaemia. It’s important that these unique cells are saved and stored in safe conditions for future use and treatments.

Umbilical cord blood and tissue collection is a non-invasive process. It’s made after your baby is born, the cord is cut, and the placenta has been delivered. There’s no interference with your birth plan, labour management, delivery, or aftercare for your baby.

Banking cord blood and tissue enables the storage of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) that are vital in various medical treatments. It also ensures the collection of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which will be applied in regenerative therapies in the near future.

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Tooth stem cell banking services

If you missed the chance to store the cells from your child’s umbilical cord, you might have a second chance with dental pulp cell banking.

Cells found in your child’s milk (baby) teeth – and those in healthy adult teeth – can be adapted to help repair joints, nerves, bones, and muscles, including the heart. Stem cells from teeth are already helping to develop regenerative therapies. Teeth hold quantities of unique dental pulp cells that can be harvested and processed for storage.

Dental stem cell banking is also a non-invasive process. Simply wait for your child’s tooth to fall out naturally, store it safely with our kit box, and arrange collection at a convenient time by one of our couriers.

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Current clinical trials offer hope for hundreds of conditions. Explore the stem cell banking services we offer families across the UK:

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