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Stem cell bank UK

Stem Protect is the UK’s fastest-growing stem cell bank and storage provider.

We’re the world’s most accredited stem cell storage company. Our stem cell bank is reliable, affordable, and offers the most secure facilities to store stem cells for future use. Find solutions for storing stem cells at birth or as your child grows up with tooth stem cell banking.

We aim to be the most affordable, comprehensive, and reliable private stem cell banking service in the United Kingdom. Speak to us today for free, in confidence, and with no obligation.

Stem cell storage

Stem cell storage is the collection and preservation of stem cells for use in future treatments and therapies. Currently, stem cells are used to treat more than 80 conditions, including types of cancer, blood, immune, and neurological disorders. It’s a great way to help protect your child’s health and others in the future.

Most stem cell products are umbilical cord blood and tissue taken at birth. Collection and storage are safe and non-invasive processes, as these are natural byproducts of childbirth with no other use. If you’ve missed this opportunity there are other options, such as stem cell storage for baby teeth.

Stem Protect proudly provides stem cell banking for thousands of families. Our services are trusted by parents from all over the United Kingdom.

  • Your child’s stem cells are stored in multiple samples in a super-secure location for 100% peace of mind.
  • Long-term storage is available for future therapies and treatments, with a full business continuity guarantee for your cell samples.
  • A typical storage package is for 25 years.
  • Twins or multiple births? Speak to us about special pricing for your extra-happy event.
  • We also collect, process and store dental pulp stem cells for children and adults.

Diagnostic services – prenatal and newborn screening

As well as being a leading stem cell company, we offer various prenatal and newborn screening services. These include:

A stem cell company you can trust

Comparing stem cell companies and wondering who to choose? Or are you deciding between public and private stem cell banking? There are many great reasons to use Stem Protect. Just ask the 100,000 families who have used our services in the UK so far.

We process more stem cell samples than all the other UK banks combined – your stem cells are safe in our hands. Protect your child’s health and future with our trusted stem cell banking services that include:

  • Safe and secure cell storage in a dedicated stem cell bank
  • Screening for key life-changing conditions
  • Stem cell collection services 365 days per year
  • Collection of stem cell blood by dedicated couriers
  • Tooth stem cell banking
  • Leading technology and leading medical expertise
  • Business continuity guarantee – your cells are protected, come what may
  • Stem cell banking services for your child with a 100% security pledge

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Speak to our dedicated team to discuss your individual stem cell banking needs. Guaranteeing your baby’s future health is simple with our comprehensive stem cell protection and storage service.

Stem Protect is here to provide your family with the best possible health and treatment options and outcomes. Your child’s future is our concern.

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