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Tooth and Dental Stem Cell Banking

Tooth Stem Cell Storage

Storing stem cells from teeth offers a second chance if you missed the opportunity to save the cells from your child’s umbilical cord. Dental pulp stem cell banking is simply the process of storing baby teeth (as well as some wisdom and adult teeth) safely and securely for future use.

Preserving stem cells from teeth may help treat many medical conditions and diseases with research ongoing into how they can help with various other illnesses. At Stem Protect our tooth bank can store baby and adult teeth in the proper conditions to preserve them to help protect you or your child’s future health.

Call 0800 211 8389 or contact us online for a free consultation with no obligation about our dental stem cell bank services.

Saving baby teeth for stem cells

Saving baby teeth is important as the cells found in your child’s milk teeth, as well as those in healthy adult teeth, have regenerative potential. Research has shown that dental pulp contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). These stem cells are also found in bone marrow and can repair damaged tissue cells in muscle, cartilage, and fat.

The regenerative potential of stem cells in baby teeth means they can convert themselves into many different types of cells. These cells are considered naïve, and because of this, it could allow them to change, which may lead to the repair of cells and fix joints, muscles, bones, nerves, and even a damaged heart.

Storing stem cells from baby teeth maintains these stem cells so they might be used to help treat illness, injury, and disease in the future. Once the tooth fairy’s taken them away, saving teeth for stem cells for future use can be even more valuable than the money left under your child’s pillow.

Milk tooth stem cell banking

How do you bank your teeth stem cells?

Teeth hold quantities of unique dental pulp cells that can be harvested and processed for storage. Dental stem cell banking is a simple, safe, and non-invasive process, as they’re collected after baby teeth fall out naturally or wisdom or adult teeth are extracted professionally.

The process to bank teeth stem cells is easy:

  • Request your free information pack online or call 0800 211 8389
  • Complete and return your dental stem cell storage agreement
  • Receive your collection kit and the contact details for your phlebotomist (a fully qualified doctor specialising in blood samples)
  • Follow the collection kit instructions after the tooth falls out or has been extracted
  • Organise courier pick-up of the tooth for transportation to our laboratory
  • Arrange for your phlebotomist to come to your house and collect a blood sample

What treatments are tooth stem cells used for?

Stem cells from teeth have been used to regenerate dental bone and treat periodontal disease by doctors. Treatments and therapies based on blood-forming stem cells include:

  • Cleft palate repair
  • Sickle cell
  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
  • Knee cartilage repair

Current medical trials into autism and cerebral palsy involve the pulp found inside teeth and offer hope for hundreds of conditions. There’s also ongoing research into how MSCs from teeth and dental pulp could help treat diseases and conditions such as diabetes, muscular dystrophy, liver disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

How much does tooth stem cell storage cost?

The cost of dental stem cell banking and tooth stem cell storage depends on various factors. This includes the type and number of teeth and how long they will be stored. The easiest way to find out how much both adult tooth stem cell storage and children’s tooth storage costs is to contact us for a free consultation.

We offer various packages to suit your individual requirements and our helpful consultants will explain everything and answer any questions over the phone. Call 0800 211 8389 or contact us online about the costs of saving teeth for stem cells.

Store baby teeth with Stem Protect

Tooth stem cell banking is available for babies, children, and adults who missed the chance to bank stem cells from the umbilical cord and the placenta. Stem Protect are one of the leading dental stem cell banking companies in the UK. Store baby teeth with confidence.

We store stem cells from umbilical cords and teeth for more than 100,000 families. Rest assured that all teeth are collected by dedicated couriers, handled by fully qualified experts, and treated with confidentiality. Benefit from safe and secure cell storage in a dedicated dental stem cell bank.

Use our tooth stem cell bank

Speak to the experts at Stem Protect and discuss the collection of your child’s milk teeth or any adult teeth for stem cell banking. We’re a leading dental stem banking company that uses the latest technology and medical expertise to ensure safe and secure preservation of teeth stem cells.

Contact us today about banking healthy adult teeth to protect yourself from future illnesses and conditions. Or use our tooth stem cell bank to preserve baby teeth from your child and look after their health in the coming years. Call 0800 211 8389 or contact us online for your free information pack or to learn more about our services.

Our processes used to store tooth pulp have been shown to result in the banking of live cells.

We are constantly improving our validation studies to further prove dental pulp samples stored do contain MSCs which will retain their ability to differentiate into many different tissue types including bone, cartilage, and fat after the samples have been frozen. Currently, as per the HTA guidelines, we are unable to guarantee that the dental pulp stored contains stem cells and the number and quality of these cells.

Find out more about stem cells from teeth

Learn more about the uses of dental stem cells and storage with these resources:

Did you know...

Similar to a bone marrow transplant, a successful stem cell transplant can allow the body to grow healthy cells to replace diseased tissue.

Did you know...

A non-invasive prenatal test uses state of the art genetic sequencing to search for potentially dangerous medical risks which may affect your child as they develop before any symptoms occur.

Tooth stem cell banking
Pain free

6 Simple steps to storing your child’s teeth stem cells


Step 1
Request a free information pack

Conplete our contact form or call 0800 211 83 89.

Step 2
Complete and return your storage agreement

You will be sent a storage agreement to complete then the initial payment will be due.

Step 3
Finalising your service

The collection kit will be sent to your home. You will also receive the contact details of your phlebotomist via email. We will notify your hospital in writing that you have chosen to collect your umbilical cord stem cells.

Step 4
Collection day

When your child's tooth comes out, follow the collection instructions located in the kit box and store in a safe place.

Step 5
Request a courier collection

Contact our customer care team to arrange courier collection of the packaged tooth to our laboratory.

Step 6
Blood collection

The phlebotomist will then contact you to discuss a suitable time to visit your home to collect the blood sample.

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