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Is it time to ban the tooth fairy?

Are your kid’s quids in, or counting the pennies? The tooth fairy is an age-old tradition of slipping our kids a few coins in exchange for their teeth under a carefully created guise, but is your kid getting a fair rate? Even though the tooth fairy – along with the Easter bunny – was identified […]

No COVID baby boom – only 1/50 considering having a baby

Pandemic fears may actually put people off of having children There’s a certain nudge-nudge-wink-wink aimed at couples stuck at home for months in lockdown that they’d be filling their time by (ahem) trying for a baby.   But it seems that many couples have made the decision not to conceive during the pandemic. UK based […]

‘I used a drone to pull out a wobbly tooth… and crashed my drone’

People tell us the weirdest ways they’ve pulled out or lost a tooth When it comes to pulling out a wobbly tooth, people still resort to weird and wacky ways to get the job done – from the tried-and-tested string on a doorknob to the cutting edge of remote-controlled drones. A national stem celling banking […]

Funny teeth facts for kids

They sometimes ache, you’re regularly told to clean them, and they help you through every meal – your teeth are with you through thick and thin. That’s why it’s so important to look after them. But your teeth are amazing, interesting things, and very few people know the truth about their teeth – try saying […]

Everything you need to know about milk teeth

We’ve all had them, but few of us will remember much about them. Milk teeth, which are more formally called ‘deciduous teeth’ because of the way they are shed, develop when we are just mere embryos. They erupt in infancy – hence the moniker ‘baby teeth’ – and fall out during childhood, making the way […]

Shocking things mums know about their children – that their children think are a secret

Sneaking out past curfew or spending your lunch money on chocolate – most of us will pull the wool over our parents’ eyes once or twice growing up. But, as the UK’s family stem cell bank has seen, some mums are wise to their offsprings’ secrets – even those which are shocking and surprising. […]

‘Less than a third’ of children are brushing their teeth twice a day

Just 30% of children are brushing their teeth the recommended twice a day – leaving them at risk for serious dental problems later in life. A study undertaken by, which offers the most comprehensive stem cell banking service in the UK, has shown that an alarming number of youngsters were failing to stick to […]

Tooth fairy payouts vary from 50p to £20 – but which area has the best going rate?

Wobbly teeth are an exciting rite of passage for children anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy – but the going rate varies wildly around the UK, have found. In a study undertaken by, the UKs stem cell and tooth storage bank, families were asked about the going rate for the Tooth Fairy […]

Ilkley Town AFC under-5 and under-6 teams win corporate sponsorship

Ilkey Town AFC’s under-5 and under-6 teams will get a boost with their new corporate sponsorships, announced today. The community-run football team is now sponsored by, a leading waste management firm who operate nationwide, and, a stem cell storage facility with 75,000 families entrusting their precious stem cells to its protection. Budding sports […]

10 reasons why you should store your family’s stem cells

Stem cell collection and storage may not seem like a family essential in the same way as home or travel insurance, but in fact is it a form of insurance policy which could protect your entire family for decades to come. As stem cell research continues to flourish, the collection and cryopreservation of yours and […]