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10 reasons why you should store your family’s stem cells

Stem cell collection and storage may not seem like a family essential in the same way as home or travel insurance, but in fact is it a form of insurance policy which could protect your entire family for decades to come.

As stem cell research continues to flourish, the collection and cryopreservation of yours and your family’s stem cells for future use could have a huge number of benefits – and here are ten to get you thinking.

A life saver – literally

First and foremost – stem cells are special types of cell which hold the key to many life-saving and advanced medical treatments, including for blood and immune diseases such as leukaemia, treating severe burns, sight-saving eye regeneration treatments and many others – with medical science continually advancing to include new therapies.

Peace of mind

Like ‘traditional’ insurance policies – stem cell storage offers you peace of mind, knowing you have taken steps to allow your family members all possible medical options in future.

Giving your family a choice

One form of stem cell collection is by taking cells from the umbilical cord at birth. A safe and painless procedure, it ensures that – should your child develop a disease where stem cell therapies are an option in future – you have given medical professionals an extra choice when it comes to treatment.

Your own health

Stem cell storage isn’t just a choice which protects the younger members of your family. By banking your own stem cells – using stem cells from healthy adult teeth – you also have the chance to preserve something which could help to keep all members of your family healthy…

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…as well as your close family members. Should a family member ever require a stem cell transplant, doctors will first look to close genetic matches (i.e. you!) for donations, meaning that your choice to store your stem cells could be the gift of life for someone else.

Avoid the donor list

While amazing and life-saving work is done by stem cell donors, having healthy stem cells safely and securely stored can avoid the need to search for a donor should one be needed – and save precious time.

Join a growing revolution

More and more families are choosing to protect themselves by banking stem cells – with over 75,000 families using already.

It’s affordable

Despite being at the cutting edge of science, stem cell storage is affordable, with interest-free prices available – meaning that finances need not hold you back.

Future proof your family

Medical science is moving at an ever-increasing rate. While stem cell therapies are already available for a wide range of conditions, research continues to advance to include new treatments all the time – meaning that the choice to bank your stem cells now could open many more doors in future.

No risk – find out more

Best of all, you can get a free consultation from – so there’s no risk before you find out exactly how stem cell storage could be the best choice you make for your family.


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