Stem Protect
Your future. Safe.

Yorkshire-based stem cell company will help protect generations from illness

A Yorkshire businessman has launched a company which will allow people everywhere to benefit from the latest and future advances in cutting-edge medicine.

Ilkley-based Mark Hall, who has been the driving force behind a number of local start-up businesses, is now turning his attention to the world of stem cell medicine which is already delivering remarkable treatments for previously incurable conditions.

His company is already the world’s most accredited stem cell storage company, and allows people to store harvested stem cells until such a time as they are needed for medical procedures, such as tackling leukaemia.

“As a relatively new father, I’m naturally concerned about the health of my children,” says Hall, “And that got me thinking about the best way to safeguard their futures”.

That’s when Hall found out about stem cell banking, where special cells are harvested from the umbilical cords of new-born babies, screened for diseases and genetic conditions, and banked in one of the country’s most secure stem cell banks.

“Stem cell therapy represents the future, as it offers hope to people when previously there was none. As a field of medicine it’s very exciting, and we’re privileged to be a part of it,” he says.

Already a significant employer in the Ilkley and York areas with over 50 staff, Mark hopes to create even more jobs from this latest enterprise, in sales and support, as well as the technical and IT parts of the business.

“We couldn’t do it without our dedicated team here in Yorkshire,” says Hall, “And once again they’ve done a brilliant job getting us up and running in what is a complex and highly regulated industry. I couldn’t ask for more.”

What is Stem Cell banking?

· Stem cells are found in the umbilical cord and the placenta at birth and are potentially precious to a baby’s future health.

· Stem cells can be used in the treatment of life-changing diseases and conditions such as leukaemia. Therapies for a number of other conditions are currently under development.

· More parents are taking the important step of having these unique cells saved and stored in safe conditions for future use.

· If a parent misses the chance to store umbilical stem cells at birth, they can also be found in a baby’s milk teeth, and even in adult adipose fat.

· Additional postnatal new-born screening allows non-invasive and pain-free testing for early identification of coeliac disease, lactose intolerance and others.

How does it work?

· Stem Protect makes the necessary arrangements for our client’s big day – the birth of their baby – including appointing a phlebotomist (blood specialist) to supervise the collection of blood and tissue samples

· When the baby is born, the client calls the phlebotomist, and arrangements are made for courier pick-up for the samples

· The samples are taken to our secure lab facilities and processed for storage

· Storage is guaranteed for as long as required in secure conditions

Mark Hall says the secret of his success is a simple one: Be the company that offers the most competitive prices in the sector, along with excellent service from loyal and knowledgeable staff.

“We go into this with experts,” he says, “Experts in stem cell storage, experts in business, and experts in customer service.

“Investing in the right people is what counts, and we aim to make Stem Protect yet another Yorkshire success story.”