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Stem cell clone storage

If you bank stem cells now they could  be of use in cutting-edge cloning technologies which could dramatically improve lives.

However this is not in existence and is maybe 50 years away!

Recent breakthroughs in genetic science saw scientists develop a process known as ‘therapeutic cloning’ – using a person’s own cells to create stem cells, which could be used for a number of applications including growing tissues and organs to repair damage to the body.

The opportunity will one day arise to store these stem cells to ensure these breakthroughs are available should the person fall ill or require stem cell treatment in future. Therapeutic cloning reduces the risk of rejection when using stem cells in a patient, as the associated problems with using cells with different DNA are eliminated – meaning that, while stem cell cloning is a new and growing field, the future possibilities could be endless.

Medical applications, such as organ cloning, could offer relief to people with organ failure or other life-limiting conditions. Future advances in stem cell cloning, which has shown promise in a wide variety of applications, could even see the possibility of lab-growing limbs.

While the potential medical use of lab-grown limbs is evident, there are also cosmetic uses which could become incredibly popular as the ‘Instagram generation’ continues to strive for physical perfection. When surveyed by StemProtect.,, a number of young people came up with an unsurprising list of physical attributes they would love to have cloned for them.

Sophie, 27, from Blackburn, said, “Who wouldn’t clone themselves some Kardashian-style body parts? If I could use science to look perfect, I wouldn’t need bum implants – I could make my own designer body!”, while several men interviewed admitted they would use cloning technologies to give themselves the feet of a footballing star.

Limb cloning could have a more dramatic impact than just the perfect selfie, however. John, 46, commented: “My eldest son’s a keen rugby player but unfortunately, due to injury, he had to drop out of trials and his career ended before it had even started. If I could clone him a new leg, I would.”

Mark Hall, spokesperson for, commented:

“The science behind stem cell cloning continues to come on in leaps and bounds – and for many people, the possibility of having a securely stored back-up of their own stem cells would be a welcome idea.

“Of course, there are dozens of reasons why someone might want to look into cloning technologies in the future. It is certainly possible that, as science progresses, we see a greater number of people utilising new methods of attaining physical perfection – like an addition to their beauty routine, but at the cutting edge of technological advances!

“Ultimately, stem cell banking is about peace of mind – whether cloning technology could help a sick child, create an organ transplant instead of waiting on a list, or to achieve your physical goals, it will only be possible with safe, reliable and affordable stem cell storage, and that is what are providing.”