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Newborn stem cell collection kits: safeguarding your newborn’s future

Stem cells are truly amazing. They are incredibly flexible cells that can be utilised to cure a vast range of diseases and cancers. What most people don’t realise is that umbilical cord blood stem cells are younger and more versatile than adult stem cells, meaning that they are potentially life-changing for you and your family.

New uses for stem cells

The unique quality of newborn stem cells is expansive. They reduce complications when it comes to organ transplants and cure various blood cancers, just to name a few uses. Research by the NHS [] has also found that stem cells are regenerative and can help combat disease that causes muscle wastage. New uses for the stem cells are being discovered every day, so who knows what stem cells will be capable of curing when your child is fully grown?

The birth of your child is one of the best days of your life and a stem cell collection kit is likely the last thing on your extensive birth plan. However, it is really something you should consider for the benefit of your family in the long run. When you invest in our newborn stem cell collection kit, we guarantee that stem cell collection will be seamless and not interfere with the labour process.

Our newborn stem cell collection kits

The core blood collection kit is non-invasive and completely ethical. Cord blood is usually considered a waste product that is discarded after labour; so why not use our cord blood collection kit to put the stem cells in the cord to a more positive use in regards to the future health of your child?

Our newborn stem cell collection kit is the easiest and most reliable way to transport these life-saving stem cells. The kit is specifically designed to be as durable as possible so that your baby’s sample is protected on its journey to our laboratory. There’s a monitoring probe within the kit to ensure that your sample has remained at the optimum temperature during its transition.

The newborn stem cell collection kit allows you to invest in the health of your child from the second they are born. They are free as part of your package and can be delivered to hospitals, private midwives, phlebotomists, or even to your home. Don’t hesitate, call today for more information about how the stem cells in your newborn’s umbilical cord can make a significant positive impact on your family’s future.