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Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is something that has touched many of us, and unfortunately, due to the sheer number of types of cancers, there is no one cure for them all. But stem cell therapies offer new hope.

However, modern science is developing with new therapies to deal with them all the time. What was a near-certain death sentence fifty years ago is now most likely a period of uncertainty that the patient has a strong likelihood of being able to beat.

It is a fact that as we get older, our bodies are more susceptible to the different types of cancer. Indeed, there are studies that indicate that incidences of cancer illness are on the rise, although this is probably due to our ability to cure other diseases and illnesses that were previously fatal, leading to the likelihood of cancer emerging in a later life that would otherwise have been denied.

It is with this in mind, that stem cell banking becomes an incredibly prudent choice. We cannot always avoid becoming ill, but we can take steps to help ourselves if the worst happens.

By choosing to bank your child’s umbilical and placental stem cells, you are giving them the opportunity to help them fight the diseases that they may develop.

The most common stem cell treatment is that of bone marrow replacement. In the case of this therapy, the cancerous cells in the sufferer’s bone marrow are eradicated with intensive chemotherapy, and replaced with healthy stem cells that are able to develop into the blood cells that the patient needs to become healthy.

This is a procedure that has been carried out many thousands of times over the last thirty years, and while it is still an unpleasant treatment, it greatly increases the patient’s chances of recovery.

In general, however, stem cells are mostly used in cancer treatments because they enable to patient to go through heavier doses of chemotherapy in order to maximise their chances of recovery. At the current rates, patients stand a 50% chance of living a further ten years after cancer treatment, a figure that is twice as high as it was just forty years ago.

By choosing to store your baby’s stem cells, you could be giving them a 50% greater chance to go on and live a longer, healthier life.

Stem Cell storage is an investment in future life and happiness.

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