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Should I save cord blood?

Cord blood is the blood found in the placenta and umbilical cord. It is valuable due to the fact it is rich in stem cells, the cells that produce all blood cells.

Cord blood cells are ideal for treating diseases that harm the blood and immune systems, such as some cancers, leukaemia, and over 70 other diseases. This is because cord blood cells can morph into a variety of other blood cells. Therefore, cord blood can be used via transplant to rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system.

Stem cell therapy holds great promise for the treatment of many diseases and perhaps one day it may even cure them too. For those who are already suffering from a disease that is treatable with stem cells, storing cord blood may have a personal relevance and importance.

For others, it is always likely that at some stage in their lifetime a loved one or themselves may be affected by a disease that stem cells can treat. Having the opportunity to store your baby’s core blood stem cells at the time of birth is a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain a valuable resource that could be used in the treatment of serious disease or illness.