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Cord blood collection kit

Stem cells are truly amazing. They are incredibly flexible cells that can be utilised to cure a vast range of diseases and cancers. What most people don’t realise is that the stem cells found in cord blood and cord tissue are younger and more versatile than adult stem cells, meaning that they are potentially life-changing for your child’s health. Stem Protect’s cord blood collection kit is a safe and painless way for your health care provider to collect these life-saving stem cells.

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The birth of your child is one of the best days of your life and a stem cell collection kit is likely the last thing on your extensive birth plan. However, it is really something you should consider for the benefit of your family in the long run. Cord blood is usually considered a waste product that is discarded after labour; so why not use our cord blood collection kit to put the stem cells in the blood to a more positive use? We can safely store them for your child’s future.

Umbilical Cord Collection Kit

Requesting a cord blood collection kit couldn’t be easier. They are free as part of your package and can be delivered to hospitals, private midwives, phlebotomists, or even to your home. Once you have returned your agreement and appropriate paperwork we do all of the rest, meaning you can concentrate solely on welcoming new life into the world.

Our professional and dedicated team will quickly allocate you a phlebotomist who can supervise the collection of the stem cells. Our fast and efficient couriers will collect the samples and transport them safely back to our secure laboratories. It is as easy as that: the stem cells will be kept in the world’s most reliable stem cell storage company for future use.

Why choose Stem Protect?

It is not surprising that we are trusted by thousands of families across the UK. We use only the latest technology and the best medical experts to create the easiest and most reliable stem cell collection and storage service available. Not only are we cost-effective, but we are also passionate about creating a more secure future for your child. Our services come with a 100% security pledge that your baby’s cord blood stem cells will be protected.

Don’t hesitate, call today for more information about requesting one of our cord blood collection kits. With Stem Protect, it’s possible to invest in the health of your child from the second they are born.

What’s in the cord blood collection kit?

    Cord blood collection bags including a spare
    Packaged sanitised Gauze swabs
    Chlorhexidine swabs to sterilise
    Sanitised Tube clamp
    IATA specification-grade cord blood packaging
    Sanitised ancillary items for procurement
    Mothers blood sample kit
    Temperature monitoring device

Each box and piece of equipment has a unique tracking number. Everything has a clear extremely strict chain of command as per the Human Tissue Authorities regulations. This ensures full transparent tracing throughout the processes of procurement, processing, and storage.

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