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Stem Cells Can Give Us Bigger Penises, Breasts or Bottoms

The UK’s stem cell bank say cosmetic surgery could be dramatically improved with the use of stem cells. Experts say that penis enlargement, along with a host of other cosmetic surgical procedures, can be significantly aided by using tissue grown from stem cells, which is the same as the body’s own natural material. This new […]

Stem Cells Will Help Us Live To 200

We could live to an average of 200 years old, according to specialist stem cell experts. Through the advanced technology of stem cell storage and renewal, our bodies can be repaired and restored no matter what health problems with might face, effectively reversing or stalling the ageing process. Spokesperson for Mark Hall said: “In […]

Parents deserve free baby scan photos but the NHS Won’t allow it.

…but hospitals insist parents have to pay up to £5 for a picture of their unborn Parents-to-be should be given free baby scan photos of their unborn child, but hospitals are still charging them up to five pounds for a service which costs pennies. And the UK’s stem cell storage company has found that the […]

Will Doctors Be Obsolete Within 10 Years?

Health experts have predicted that artificial intelligence will replace doctors within the next 10 years. With the rise of apps and websites ready to diagnose illness and give treatment recommendations within seconds, the UKs stem cell bank, says that GPs will soon be a thing of the past, and instead we’ll turn to AI […]

Under-18s To Be Banned By Law From Social Media

Calls to ban under 18s from using social media without prior mental health training? Child health care specialists have called for a ban on anyone under the age of 18 using social media without training. The call from the UKs stem cell bank comes at a time when cyber bullying and mental health issues […]

Head Freezing Will Be Available Within A Decade

Having your head frozen for potential future resuscitation is a service that will be on offer to the public within 5-10 years, according to the UK’s stem cell bank. Famously something Walt Disney did, having your head frozen when you die is thought to be a way of preserving enough of your personality, intellect and […]

Time to ban mobile phones in schools

Education and mental health of our children more important than handheld status symbols. Children under the age of 16 shouldn’t be allowed to bring mobile phones into school. That’s the blunt opinion of a national health services company which says they should be left at home if we value the education and mental health of […]

You can now store your pet’s stem cells

Radical new treatments aren’t just for humans Stem cell banking will soon be available to pet owners as well as humans, allowing animals to benefit from the latest advances in veterinary medicine. The UK’s most accredited stem cell storage company, which already processes ten times more stem cell samples than its rivals, is to launch […]

Stem cell cure available for baldness

Press Release Advances in treatment mean that distressing hair loss could become a thing of the past Promising advances in stem cell medicine mean that baldness in both men and women could be treatable in the UK within the next few years. That’s exciting news for the UK’s most accredited stem cell storage company, which […]

99.9% of all play areas, ball pits and toys in pubs and cafes are a hive of germs

How clean is that play area? Ball pits ‘are a hive of germs’ Health concerns for play industry, not to mention coffee shops and waiting rooms. You’re kicking back in your local coffee shop, the kids are happy in the children’s play area – but are they actually safe? Yes they are, but only until […]